Blog Date 4 Day 1 of the Evolution

<- Thoroughly Modern Millie edit two.

Well now if you will kindly look at todays Image, in the post, and yesterdays you will notice they are similar in many ways. Hence the name of todays blog post “Day 1 of the Evolution”. Now that I have my basic idea for the poster now its time for the evolution from, “Hey that looks great” to “WOW! That looks so much better”. Now then hopefully this wont take more then 3 or 4 edits but I’m not counting on it… (More like 11 or 12.) Any-who  I welcome any and all of you to critique my work, and just FYI I prefer when people give me HARSH critique so lay it on me, and I will see you all later.


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I guess you could classify me as "just another" Freelance Graphic Designer, but the thing is you'd be wrong in assuming anything of the sort... (Ok maybe you wouldn't but pity me for a minute.) The name's James and I'm the Founder, Owner, and currently only designer of Wirig Design. I'm also a starving college freshman at Brigham Young University Idaho... (Will work for food [OK will work for money to buy food...]) I'm from San Diego, California and I started designing for clients my sophomore year (Tenth Grade) of High School. Now, here at BYU-I, I've begun an attempt at accomplishing my dreams and starting my own Graphic Design business. Like everyone else I'm starting small. However, I'm sure my most recent clients would vouch, if I told you, that I was good at what I aspire to do. Shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment. We'll discuss pricing, contract, and design. (Even if it means I watermark the heck out of it and we discuss over Skype/E-mail.) I won't stop till you're satisfied and I always meet my deadline. I promise I'm worth the shot. View all posts by James

2 responses to “Blog Date 4 Day 1 of the Evolution

  • skocko

    I agree with your sentiments regarding critiques. Give me the truth too!

    When first viewing this revision, I didn’t see a building behind the figures. It looked like a door to a jail cell. Still does. Plus the play is set in the 20’s. If it’s a building, it looks too modern. (Even for Millie.)

    Text needs work. (Title bigger to start with.) We’ll talk Tuesday.

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