Reawakening (Life of the Lost One)

It truly has been far too long since I last posted… (Over a year it looks like…) In all honesty it’s been a bit of an off-year. Fun, but an off-year that goes in almost everything I’ve done, I don’t know I guess I just kinda needed to wake up and honestly I’m still groggy. Any who the old artist, break dancer, and wrestler you used to know and love he’s gone, but in his place has arisen someone similar who has grown and learned some of what life has in store for him. To my parents, my teachers, my coaches and my peers in a sense I guess I’m back. I’m sorry for letting you down. This isn’t about to happen again these grades are going to raise I’m going to hold my head high and I’m going to graduate High School. (Class of 2011!!) Prom’s tomorrow and that’s going to be a bit of a last hurrah until I’ve fixed what I’ve done. I will be better. World I’m back and to christen this return I will win yet another art contest the Got Plans poster title is mine this year. (As well as a new layout for the blog.) People bear with me and I hope I have your support in fixing what I lost care of.


About James

I guess you could classify me as "just another" Freelance Graphic Designer, but the thing is you'd be wrong in assuming anything of the sort... (Ok maybe you wouldn't but pity me for a minute.) The name's James and I'm the Founder, Owner, and currently only designer of Wirig Design. I'm also a starving college freshman at Brigham Young University Idaho... (Will work for food [OK will work for money to buy food...]) I'm from San Diego, California and I started designing for clients my sophomore year (Tenth Grade) of High School. Now, here at BYU-I, I've begun an attempt at accomplishing my dreams and starting my own Graphic Design business. Like everyone else I'm starting small. However, I'm sure my most recent clients would vouch, if I told you, that I was good at what I aspire to do. Shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment. We'll discuss pricing, contract, and design. (Even if it means I watermark the heck out of it and we discuss over Skype/E-mail.) I won't stop till you're satisfied and I always meet my deadline. I promise I'm worth the shot. View all posts by James

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