Reawakening (Life of the Lost One)

It truly has been far too long since I last posted… (Over a year it looks like…) In all honesty it’s been a bit of an off-year. Fun, but an off-year that goes in almost everything I’ve done, I don’t know I guess I just kinda needed to wake up and honestly I’m still groggy. Any who the old artist, break dancer, and wrestler you used to know and love he’s gone, but in his place has arisen someone similar who has grown and learned some of what life has in store for him. To my parents, my teachers, my coaches and my peers in a sense I guess I’m back. I’m sorry for letting you down. This isn’t about to happen again these grades are going to raise I’m going to hold my head high and I’m going to graduate High School. (Class of 2011!!) Prom’s tomorrow and that’s going to be a bit of a last hurrah until I’ve fixed what I’ve done. I will be better. World I’m back and to christen this return I will win yet another art contest the Got Plans poster title is mine this year. (As well as a new layout for the blog.) People bear with me and I hope I have your support in fixing what I lost care of.


Hahaha Ummm…

Well now, it’s been a long time since I posted last… Sorry for that, lets bring you all up to date. My Sweethearts poster was a rolling success having been mass-produced and posted all other the school, My Music is for nerds post has done like wise (and a student is apparently enrolling in both the Mac Lab and Band because of it.(or so I’m told…)), My Electronics Banned poster is currently working as a recruiting piece for the Mac Lab…; Sadly neither my Throughly Modern Milly poster, nor my 380 poster won the competitions they were in, I’m currently designing my second Got Plans poster for that competition, I have now become the Audio man for the video team, having created the audio for the Dodgeball Video, Phillips Dance Video, (I haven’t a clue what it’s called) and I’m currently working on the audio for the PSA Danny (Dwanny) and I are Directing (of which I also took the starring role in as the bully because Cody didn’t show up…). I belive that brings everyone up to date…

Logo Gallery

Life and Deadlines

<– The beginnings of my sweethearts poster

Now then with Finals coming up and deadlines its time for the massive “CAN I FINISH THIS IN TIME!!!” rush (whoopee -.-) any who  yeah life is becoming hectic….

Now then the dual meet vs Steele Canyon is today,and I need to figure how this is going to work for me so wish me luck… and I will try to keep you all updated today.

Blog Date 9 Day 3 of the Evolution

<– Update 4 of Millie

Well now looks like things are beginning to look quite nice in the way Millie is concerened … I’m not entirely sure what else to say so… Yeah comments if you please

Blog Date 8 Day 2 of the Evolution

<– Millie Version 3
Yay for Updates!! Any who I am sorry for not keeping you up to date over the weekend as well as on friday (I was at a wrestling tournament.) So here is your Semi-Update post: The Millie Poster is beginning to take shape, and again I ask for critique so I can improve over this little bit of time I have left. In other news I have Hyper-Extended my left shoulder for all those who were wondering why I have that strap on my shoulder.Aside from that I don’t belive I have i have anything else to tell I look forward to hearing from you all through my comments.

Blog Date 4 Day 1 of the Evolution

<- Thoroughly Modern Millie edit two.

Well now if you will kindly look at todays Image, in the post, and yesterdays you will notice they are similar in many ways. Hence the name of todays blog post “Day 1 of the Evolution”. Now that I have my basic idea for the poster now its time for the evolution from, “Hey that looks great” to “WOW! That looks so much better”. Now then hopefully this wont take more then 3 or 4 edits but I’m not counting on it… (More like 11 or 12.) Any-who  I welcome any and all of you to critique my work, and just FYI I prefer when people give me HARSH critique so lay it on me, and I will see you all later.